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(Harvest South Bay Church Gardena) El Camino UBF– A letter to Ms. Turner

Last week Ms. Turner, a mother of a current wrote a Google review about the chapter. I wrote a letter of warning here after her review.

Here is her review:

“I’m not a member yet. I can’t comment on the financial part or leaders of this church. Behind the scenes, my eyes aren’t open to the whole operation of this church.

I was invited by my son for the Mother’s day lunch the church prepared on Saturday May 13, 2017. My son paid $50.00 into the lunch because it was part of a fundraiser to go towards their new church building. The price also included a second meal coming soon in July 2017, so I was invited to have lunch again to witness the opening of their new church. The food was good; nice portion sizes, and the service was excellent; the members went out of their way for me that day because I wanted steak sauce, so they had gone to the store to purchase it for my steak.

My son’s shepherd introduced me to a number of members and there were programs on their list that day by members entertaining us as we ate our lunch.

My son’s shepherd explained to me what the purpose of the church is about. They go out and seek college students who are willing to learn the Bible while the shepherd guide and teach them about the Kingdom of God etc.

The Shepherds church feels like a Bible study school because the teachings there consist of questions and answers after a Bible topic was discussed by the speaker and after he’s finished, members will break into groups to review on what was discussed by the speaker. Today’s message is posted on their website and also past topics etc.

Bible teachings is what the gospel is all about. I see Shepherds church sharing the gospel to anyone who is willing to receive and learn. I’m much older than the college students, and the church extends it’s teachings to me.”

My letter of warning to Ms. Turner:

Dear Ms. Turner,

My name is Eric Navas. I was a member of that church for almost 4 years. Here is my personal story

The church name “Shepherd’s Church” is a front name. Their actual name is El Camino UBF for they are part of a larger group/cult called University Bible Fellowship (UBF). It is one of the last remnants of a controversy called the “Shepherding/Discipling movement. Here are some articles on that controversy:

The hospitality they gave you and your son is a form of love-bombing. Check out this article on love-bombing:

Your son’s bible teacher “shepherd” told you what he told you because that is what members are indoctrinated “taught” to say. So please take what current members have to say with a grain of salt.  What they actual teach is not biblical but distorted interpretations of the bible with Confucius ideology instead of Christianity:

In fact the messages of the church were plagiarized from another church/chapter. Look at  the messages  from the founder of UBF Chang-Woo “Samuel” Lee. Specially John 11. Here is the founder’s message: Now look at Shepherd Church’s message on John 11: Don’t they look awfully similar?

I recommend that you and your son to leave and not look back at the church. For if you and him stay over a period of time the church will destroy the relationship between you and your son. They will eventually persuade/coerce/manipulate your son to put distance between you and him. In addition to this the church will get your son to betray you or even view you as an enemy of God or demon possessed. The church will abuse scripture by using verses like Genesis 12:1 to justify such actions.

Please take the time to look at the links provided above. Also I recommend you doing outside research on UBF.


Eric D. Navas

P.S. If you would like to contact me here is my email and number.


Phone: 323-537-3618

I’m willing to provide contacts of other former members as well.

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