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The CIA has a file on UBF and its founder Lee

Disclaimer: I don’t own the image (s). All credit and rights go to the respective owners.

Yes the CIA has a file on University Bible Fellowship and its founder Chang-Woo “Samuel” Lee. The images are undeniable proof.


Here is a possible reference to the initiation of the investigation in the old forum of reform UBF:

“Roving Reporter News could you please investigate a possible arson, due to the fact of how many anti-Lee supporters that have emerged in this past year. This could be a big story regarding an attempted murder. I’m sure you have sources and colleagues that can help you. Some could even be suspects themselves.” Reference:

An investigation was at least initiated by someone but never conducted. Or if the investigation started it was quickly stopped. The contents of the file are currently unknown.

As far as why the investigation was initiated here are some reasons apart from the unusual circumstances of Lee’s death:

  • tax evasion

  • visa fraud

  • suicides

  • smuggling

By smuggling I’m making a reference to an old comment on

“As further background on the character of Mr. Samuel C. Lee, you should know that he was detained at least once by Korean Customs for trying to leave the country with large amounts of undeclared cash which were collected at large biennial UBF gatherings in Seoul, Korea. ”

I’m pretty sure the oldest UBF chapter directors (“missionaries”) and the oldest UBF staff members in Chicago UBF (UBF HQ) as well as Lee’s inner circle know something.

There will be a follow-up to this article soon.

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