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Shepherds Club/El Camino UBF-University Southern California (USC)

Here is proof that Shepherds Club front group on University of Southern California (USC) is not only part of El Camino UBF which itself is part of the korean bible cult University Bible Fellowship (UBF) but also how deceive students on purpose.

Shepherds Club was registered probably in the late 2000s. I am not sure who was the original leader of the club. But around the time I was in El Camino UBF which is also known as Shepherds Church in Gardena Ivan was the leader.

John Baik is the chapter director of El Camino UBF. He is referred to all of the current members except his wife and children as Missionary John.

Note how it claims to be a non-denominational. This is FALSE!!! UBF used to be part of the Presbyterian church until UBF broke off from the church in the mid 1970s. And since then has not been part of or worked with any mainstream/mainline church.

Later for some unknown reason Ivan was no longer leader. Sarah Baik became the leader of the club and still is to this day (as of this post)'

The thing is Sarah Baik is the daughter of John Baik. Thus this is evidence of Nepotism.

Earlier this year I contacted the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and provided information about Shepherds Club. Here is their response:

Soon after the description of the club change with a bit more accuracy

So now when you go onto the Office of Religious and Spiritual life website you can see now that it is affiliated with UBF and links to UBF's main website

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