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Bonn UBF: Unobtrusively and publicly no longer attract attention

Unobtrusively and publicly no longer attract attention

Prosecutor awaits declaration by the head of Bonn "University Bible Friendship"

By Von Dagmar Blesel, 01.10.2011

Bonn. In the preliminary investigation against Peter Chang, head of the Bonn "University Bible Friendship" (UBF), the prosecutor continues to wait for a statement from the Korean. She has been investigating him for almost a year on suspicion of assault.

He is suspected of having abused children by punishment. Kindergarten teachers had reported behavioral problems and beatings. However, they would not have seen physical traces of violence (the GA reported).

"Investigations are continuing," said Fred Apostle, spokesman for the prosecution. In the meantime, another witness - an ex-UBF member - has reported that according to the prosecution has made incriminating statements against Chang and his group.

According to GA information, there was recently a dispute between Chang and his lawyer Stefan Hiebl. "The mandate has expired," said Hiebl on request. Whether he or Chang laid it down, he did not want to say. The Bonn UBF leader was not reachable.

On Dive Station apparently many members have gone. Dropouts express criticism in the Internet only sporadically. Unobtrusively and publicly no longer attract attention - this is obviously the motto of the UBF at the moment. This impression also arises at the house of the organization - at least in the past days there was complete peace: No parked bicycles, as usual, far and wide no students.

Chang, the GA learned, is increasingly cooperating with Kaleb Hong. Hong, head of UBF Heidelberg, was recently named [UBF] Germany and Europe boss. Therefore, insiders believe, the center could be moved in Cologne-Bonn to southern Germany.


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