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Canada UBF (Winnipeg UBF)– UBF Harassment

Winnipeg Free PressWinnipeg, ManitobaSun, Nov 17, 1985 – Page 6UBF harassmentI have read with interest the article and letters about the so-called University Bible Fellowship (UBF) since I have had experience with that group.A woman in her late twenties, calling herself Joy Sara Lee (her real name is Chung Soon Tai) phoned our house more than 100 times in little more than three months, and attempted to gain access to our house more than a dozen times. On one occasion, when the back door was left unlocked, 1 found her lurking in the darkened kitchen.Our family asked her to leave us alone. I finally lost my temper and told her never to phone or call again and that we would call the police if she did not stop harassing us. The result was she got a young man to ring the doorbell while she hid behind a tree. She also had the young man make the phone calls for her.Finally, when the police told her we had complained about her actions, the harassment stopped. But not until then. At least one member of UBF does more than Just “chat” with people.Further, the University Bible Fellowship has no official or unofficial connection with any Winnipeg university, as I found when I called to complain to the universities about the organization. It does its recruiting of young, male Canadians on the university campuses and suggests by its name that it is a university organization. It is not.Helen MolitorWinnipeg


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