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Waterloo UBF is no more

Waterloo UBF in Canada created by "Missionary" Joshua "Workhard" Yoon in 1993 has officially been shutdown. Waterloo UBF has been decommissioned since September 2018 (the process started in late August 2018).

Here's the proof:

Since Waterloo UBF's decommission it not only has disassociate itself from UBF but has joined a mainline church

UBF has published an article about Waterloo UBF's depart on the website:

Notice that the article has been privatized. In order to see the article you need to be a pro-UBF member with an account on the UBF website.

What's intriguing is the fact that the article got the greenlight in the first place. The reason being is that UBF wants the "sheep" and anyone who is below the rank of a missionary to maintain the illusion that God's salvation is limited to UBF and UBF only and that leaving UBF equals leaving salvation.

What's also intriguing is that articles on Waterloo UBF are still on the UBF website:

Andy Stumpf's contact is still on the UBF website:

He may explain the reasoning and details if he is willing

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Jul 20, 2021

I was a member from Waterloo UBF and they originally didn't have that report posted, but I made sure they made it public. It is now public.

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