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Did the UBF "missionaries" let the founder die on purpose?

Here is evidence to support this theory.

Take a look at UBF's recent post the other day:


Someone in UBF particulary a UBF "missionary" went to the afterlife and back. This got me wondering about the founder's death

I thought to myself "Why didn't the UBF "missionaries" save the founder like they did to the UBF "missionary" (Moses) Yeolkook Ki?" It's odd. What adds to the strangeness surrounding the founder's death was that Chiacgo UBF and UBF HQ knew very well that the founder was having serious health issues prior to his death.

Here is the proof:

Those quotes above were from co-founder Barry. Source: (pg 7-8)

It's odd that the cause of Dr. Lee's death is only mentioned here on the newsletter by Sarah Barry tributed to him and not on a mainstream media. No else states or knew the cause of his death except for the founder's wife Grace A. Lee. Isn't it strange that none of the UBF leaders including Barry visited Dr. Lee when he was in the hospital and trying to ensure he lives with prayer? It is as though they wanted him to die. Note how Barry states how Lee was "under the care of UBF doctors". More on this point later on.

Notice how they are not smiling

Quite interesting that the founders of UBF whom are friends of UBF don't smile in the photo. There is this subtle impress that the UBF "missionaries" don't even like Dr. Lee

Shortly after Sam Lee’s death, I heard some interesting stories from inside UBF. One was that on the day of or after Lee’s death, Sarah Barry went to the YMCA or somewhere and took a nice, relaxing swim. Other stories consisted of people, like my mother, expressing relief that Lee had died. Or the story of Ron Ward who was so battered after being under Lee’s direct daily manipulation for years that he was ready to go “pioneer” another chapter. His death was apparently one that many people–in and out of UBF–were looking forward to. Such is often the case with tyrants. As is also the case with many tyrants, even while many secretly express relief that he is finally dead, UBF tries to put the best face on Lee and continue to pay tribute to him and his twisted legacy. Source:

Reading this from Joe Chung's blog I was surprised that this was overlooked. UBF highers ups glad that the founder died? To an insider this would be shocking. It is for this reason that I suspect that not only did the UBF "missionaries" and co-founder had a hand in Dr. Lee's death but secretly collaborated with the CIA.

The founder's wife Grace A. Lee whom was literally the last person to see the founder alive may know more than she is letting on.

Source: (pgs 12-13)

Prior to his death Dr. Lee already had health issues and was prone to self-injury. Yet nothing was done to prevent future injuries. It is as though his death had been staged.

Source: (pg 16)

The founder of UBF had insomina despite the fact that preach of tragedy and curse for those who are not in UBF. I didn't even know that he had a female "missionary" comforting him on call. Dr. Lee should have sought his wife for comfort not another female UBF leader. This got thinking "why didn't Grace Lee call Sarah Choi to aid Dr. Lee the day the house caught on fire to get Dr. Lee let alone directed her to where he was hospitalized?" It appears to have been intentional because as I mentioned earlier Grace Lee was home when the house caught on fire. Instead of trying to help her husband out of the house or calling any of the UBF doctors she went to the neighbor's house. This is a bizarre reaction to a situation where a loved one's life is in danger.

Source: pg 7 (24)

Grace Koh, one of the founder's daughters confirmed that he had an illness and that his illness was great to the point where the founder need oxygen mask. When the founder died he died through inhaling the smoke of the house fire. His health condition definitely didn't go unnoticed. Those who were close to the founder knew this in advance prior to his death.

Source: pg 10 (27)

The Dr. Liz Lincoln whom James Rabchuk mentions here is one of the UBF doctors Barry referenced earlier. I thought "Why didn't Grace A. Lee call Liz Lincoln when Dr. Lee was caught in the house fire let alone directed him to where he was hospitalized?"

Source: pg 18 (35)

For those who don't know IV stands for Intravenous therapy. It looks like this:

Paul Choi kept up with Dr. Lee when he had IV but didn't when Dr.Lee was hospitalized when he inhaled fumes from his house being on fire? Didn't Grace A. Lee informed Paul Choi of the situation?

Source: pg 1 (43)

Laceration with sutures is the medical term for stitches. It looks like this:

The quote above comes from John (Chul Ki) Kim from Chong No UBF in Korea. This indicates that the UBF leaders from around the world also knew of Dr. Lee's failing health not just Chicago UBF & UBF HQ.

Source: pg 6 (48)

This quote comes from Paul Hong. He indirectly admits that he didn't visit Dr. Lee when he was hospitalized the day of the house fire. It makes no sense that Paul Hong had no time to visit Dr. Lee the day he wasn't the hospital because of the house fire but had time to visit him about a week prior?

The most possible suspects are:

Co-founder Barry

Grace A. Lee (Founder's wife)

Liz Lincoln

Sarah B. Choi

Paul Choi

The fact that the UBF leaders and Dr. Lee's inner circle knew at most a few months before his death his critical health condition, showed a lack of response to aid him when he was hospitalized for the inhaling fumes, and the secret expression of relief indicates that Dr. Lee's death may have been stag.

Why would UBF leaders collaboration with the CIA indirectly? Just to get a jail free card to put very simple

Why would the UBF "missionaries" want him dead? To receive benefits. There are two main benefits:

1. Being freed from Dr. Lee's shadow

2. Being able to share gold bars among each other

What are your thoughts about this?

CIA & UBF theory:

UBF on the FBI & CIA's radar:

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