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El Camino UBF (Shepherd's Church Gardena) is John Baik's prison

**This is a repost. This article was originally on ubfriends 2.0 but I removed it and put in on one of my older blogs to not get in trouble with the ubfriends web host. Unfortunately UBF's web committee took the images down from the blog. hence why you shouldn't use blogger but more on that another time.**

Yes Wikigoat it is pretty insane and extreme that John Baik has surveillance cameras in his own home. But unfortunately that is just a tip of the spear so to speak.

John Baik has also placed surveillance cameras at the chapter outside on basically everyone as shown below

Here is the address of the El Camino UBF chapter (Shepherd's Church): and

What kind of healthy Christian church keeps extreme surveillance on their own members? They don't. Only institutions like prisons do this.

As of this post the chapter is in continual decline both in power and number so John Baik and the Seniors have become very desperate. In their mind "If we can't get new people to come to the church let's try to coerced the current members to stay"

The seniors and Baik will try to come up with reasons why they have taken such measures. However, in the end they won't hold up or make any sense.

If you are a new "sheep"/student coming in to this chapter/church and have a gut feeling that something isn't right about it go with that gut feeling. I have a friend who also was a member that also left the chapter like me told me (and just to paraphrase) "I had a gut feeling that something was off about the church. But I ignored that feeling. Now I regret not going with that gut feeling"

If there is anything else you would like to know about El Camino UBF (Shepherd's Church) you are free to drop me an email:

Updated: As of the Summer of 2017 This UBF church no longer holds Sunday Service at this location. However, the sisters' common life is still at this location.

Here is their new location:

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