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El Camino UBF (Shepherds Church Gardena) Baik's Financial abuse

*Warning when reading this your anger level or anxious level will go up*

Just discovered evidence of financial abuse.

Source: This is financial abuse. John Baik who is rich who has 3 cars, sends his firstborn to USC (a private university), and has about half a dozen surveillance cameras at the old church building & in his own home can't provide financial support for one of his church members who has cancer?!!! By the way the guy who created the fundraiser is John Baik's "sheep". Not to mention he is not Debbie's shepherd and not in the same fellowship group. Debbie, the woman who has cancer had already made a GoFundMe page. The goal is actually accurate. Cancer treatment cost at least a few thousand dollars not $700. Why would that  Hernandez guy start a fundraiser on Facebook if Debbie already had a gofundme page??? He is potentially scamming people for money.  This is one of the reasons why I left UBF I won't tolerate betrayal and exploitation.

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