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Evidence that your UBF "missionary" and shepherd are manipulators/controllers

Here is a video on clues/signs that your UBF "shepherd" and the "missionary" are controllers:

After you see what is behind their masks here is a video on some ways to properly deal with the UBF shepherd and UBF "missionary"

Some commentary on the 2nd video:

"Talk about it"- In addition to keeping communication open with friends and family outside of UBF it is also a great idea to talk to counselors and connect with support groups of ex-cult members.

One such support group is Families Against Cult Teachings (FACT). They have a support group on Facebook:

A counseling center that is helpful is the Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center:

(They are making a new website but their contact should be the same.)

If you are in Canada there is this cult-watch organization called Info-Cult:

All of this groups/organizations have information on UBF.

"Stand up/Stand your ground"- It is not a sin to do so when something evil/harmful is done by someone who is using God's name. Here are two biblical examples

Nathan stood up to King David: 2 Samuel 12:1-14

The disciples stood up to the religious leaders: Acts 4:1-22

Final note: If you insist on waiting for UBF shepherds or UBF "missionaries" to change wait no more than a few months. If they don't change (which is the case 99% of the time unfortunately) then leave UBF for good.

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