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What to look forward to in 2019

Hello Everyone,

I mentioned in an earlier post about big projects coming. Here is more info about those projects.

There are going to be more books exposing UBF.

This is a list of the books that I will make and have published no later than the end of 2019:

--Shattering a religious man's empire (Expose of El Camino UBF)

--The Darkness Within (Expose of Canada UBF)

--Identity Declassified (a tie-in to Identity Snatchers)

--An anthology of expose of Germany UBF (specifically Bonn UBF and Cologne UBF I)

--My memoir Finding Dystopia

All of these books (except my memoir) will be free on Amazon.

There will also be a podcast coming soon. The podcast will be of narration and additionally commentary of UBF exposed articles that are already done. The reason for this is because not only everyone has the time to read the content. So the best thing to an audiobook would be to make podcast of the stuff we already written.

Finally the CIA document of UBF. This would be available until after March 2019. It will be made public in both image form and PDF.

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