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Lincoln Park UBF– Mark Vucekovich’s Secret

First read letter of a concerned parent and Chris’ story to get a better understanding of today’s article.

Below is a screenshot of Mark ‘s letter to the concerned parent whom was a retired pastor.

Dear Mr. _____________

I understand that because of your contact with Mr. ____________ and Mrs. ____________ and___________ , you have agreed to attend a conference on May 17-19 whose alleged purpose is to “discuss about UBF on a scriptural basis.”

However, in light of the events which have taken place over the past year, I’m having difficulty understanding the real purpose of such a conference. ____ wrote to Missionary Sarah Barry that he wants to discuss about UBF on a scriptural basis. But I have heard it said of him that he thinks world mission command was only for the apostles, not for everyone. This one fact seems to suggest that he doesn’t believe the authority of the bible. If he believes this, ignoring past 2,000 years of Christian history of those who have sacrificed their lives to obey this command, how can we listen to him talk about UBF on a scriptural basis”?

Moreover, his method of dealing with any problems UBF might have has been highly questionable.  About a month ago, ________ allegedly met with a Jewish man and during the night, while we were having a prayer meeting, visited a student’s room who was studying the bible with us and took him away, along with a bed which was UBF property. During the few weeks before Easter, when Christians want to think about the deep meaning of our Lord Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, and the deep meaning of his blood, _____ allegedly hired someone to go around at Circle campus and distribute literature containing lies and negative stories about UBF.  In the light of such an activity, how can we attend a meeting called by him to listen to him talk about UBF on a scriptural basis?

Mr._________, I know that you were once an ordained minister. But while your youngest daughter was studying the bible of her own free will with us, you, without saying a word to any of us, took her suddenly to a “deprogrammer,” with the evident intention to break off her relationship with UBF. Whatever our defects or mistakes might be, how can this be a Christian or biblical way of doing something? It might be legally justifiyable. But to send one’s adult child to a “deprogrammer” is characteristic  not of a Christian, but of a secular humanist, to the bsst of my knowledge. What’s more, I firmly believe that in light of the facts, this “deprogramming” is clearly a criminal act and a violation of religious freedom according to the United States Constitution. I also deeply and firmly believe that God is not and is never pleased with such a method, which is in reality legalized kidnapping. I wrote a letter to Chris asking her to think about several questions. She wrote back to me and mentioned all of them except one– why her father took her to a “deprogrammer.’ Based on what you have done, you seem to advocate “deprogramming” young people; how then can we meet with you and talk with you about UBF on a scriptural basis?

In conclusion, based on these facts I cannot see how your intention to talk about UBF on a scriptural basis can be genuine; rather, it seems contradictory. Even so, if you personally do have questions based on scripture about UBF, we would be more than happy to visit and talk with you personally at your convenience. I pray that God may help us to make a Christian relationship based on his truth.

In Christ,

Mark Vucekovich

P.S In light of what you have been doing, you know what your motives are- against UBF. But Samuel Lee says that you can come to him and talk face to face. You are digging a hole for yourself.

This letter by Mark doesn’t make sense for several reasons:

  • The concerned parent wrote a letter to Lee and Barry not Mark so it is Lee that should have written a response.

  • apart from an indirect reference to Matthew 28 Mark doesn’t use the bible to prove his point thus his arguments on denying the request to openly talk about UBF on a Scriptural basis is quite baseless

  • as you can see throughout his letter Mark delivers accusations, lies, and ad hominem attacks to the retired ordained minister. This goes to show that UBF leaders have no respect to anybody who is not pro-UBF or a prominent current UBF member.

  • Mark claims that what the father did was criminal based on speculation. If what the father done was an actual crime why didn’t Mark report it to the police authorities?

  • In the very end Mark says that Lee is willing to speak to the father yet Lee didn’t respond to the father’s letter but instead had Mark wrote a letter to the father

Additional note: Mark wrote that letter in 1985 the same year he went through the UBF marriage by faith process. This is how he earned his ranking in UBF. Mark was Chang-Woo “Samuel” Lee’s student/”sheep” from 1980 until Lee’s death in January 2002.

Currently Mark Vucekovich is the chapter director of Lincoln Park UBF which is a sub-chapter of Chicago UBF.

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