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Sarah Barry’s secret mission reports prior to UBF’s split from the church– part 13

My dear friends,

How can I even begin to express my gratitude to you for the many ways you have expressed to me your love and concern. With such a tremendous wealth of intercessory prayer, who could fail to find the road to recovery quickly. Your letters and cards assuring me of your love and prayers have meant very much to me and to my parents. The flowers you sent brightened the whole corner of the hospital and the many gifts you have sent have brought joy and gratitude to God to my heart.

It was indeed a deeply shocking experience to encounter such unreasonable violence and hatred. I have never come so close to death before. As I lay in the hospital two things became very clear and real. First, the overwhelming and undeserved love of a God, who would go even to the extent of allowing His only Son to suffer and die for me at the hands of violent and sinful men, became more real than ever before. Second, the conviction that God had spared my life for some purpose became clear to me. I am sure that God will thwart the work of Satan to fulfill His promise in Romans 8:28.

I continue to pray for the man who attacked me. Anyone whose life is so twisted by hatred needs desperately the touch of God’s hand in his life.

I hope that your prayers will continue – especially for the Korean staff and students who are seeking to make Christ known on the campuses of Korea. Satan is always working to hinder and limit God’s work – so much prayer of intercession is needed – specially as the Prayer Council in Kwangju seeks to reach out to pioneer new work on another university campus.

I wish I could write each of you personally, but I hope to do some catching up with a few courses at Peabody, so I won’t have time for much but study. It is good to be out of the hospital and back in the dormitory – and real good to have my mother with me for a little while. My teeth will be wired together for a few more days – a liquid diet of milk shakes, etc. isn’t too bad, and talking with a closed mouth is not nearly so hard as learning Korean. After another week or two, I shall be about as good as new thanks to the skill of Dr. Chas. W. MacMillan, the patience and encouragement of Dr. Thomas F. First, the boundless enthusiasm of Ellen Hastings, the prayers of you all and the grace of the Lord.

Love in Christ, Sara Barry


I continue to pray for the man who attacked me. Anyone whose life is so twisted by hatred needs desperately the touch of God’s hand in his life.

Is that so? Then how come Barry and UBF didn't do the same for ex-UBF?

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