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UBF chapter/church hierarchy explained

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

In this post I will go into full detail on what the hierarchy in individual UBF chapters/churches look like and how it works.

This is how the hierarchy looks like:

This is how the UBF chapter hierarchy works:

1. UBF "missionary"/chapter director

2. The UBF "missionary's" family: wife, children (2nd gens)

3. Senior Shepherds/Married couples (by married couples I'm referring to the ones who went through "marriage by faith"

4. Junior Shepherds

5. junior-junior shepherds

6. New Sheep

The reason why 2nd gens are above senior shepherds is because it is unfortunately one of UBF's double standards. If a 2nd gen were to do something immoral, illegal, or even cause harm to other current members the seniors/married ones are told by the UBF "missionary" to literally say nothing to them let alone do anything. If anything the seniors/married ones could tell the UBF "missionary" what his children are going. Because of this double standard 2nd gens can get away with nearly anything.

In the UBF hierarchy one is to submit to those of higher rank. That is how the structure operates. But the problem is that current members don't explain let alone draw a picture of what the hierarchy in the UBF chapter looks like. At most they will tell you why the hierarchy is biblical by referencing bible passages.

Junior-junior shepherds are those who are members of UBF for a very short time (less than 2 years) but are already "shepherding" students.

What about on/off members? They are at the bottom with new sheep. The reason why is because when an on/off member comes back they have to start over since they were "in the world, demon possessed" etc. Not 100% all over but the majority of the process over like studying Genesis.

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