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UBF doesn't believe in exorcism

What I mean is that UBF does believe exorcism exists but they don't believe that they themselves can practically perform it.

By exorcism I'm not talking about "christian mysticism" of holding a physical cross. I'm talking about the exorcism that Jesus does:

If anything their understanding of exorcism is that it is the same as bible study. This is FALSE. Bible study is NOT the same thing as exorcism.

Here's the definition of bible study:

" In Christian communities, Bible study is the study of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religious or spiritual practice." Source:

Here's the definition of exorcism:

" the expulsion or attempted expulsion of an evil spirit from a person or place." Source:

Note that UBF "missionaries" talk about demon-possession and calling people demonic and yet they don't perform exorcism.

If the UBF "missionaries" have the holy spirit & the power of Jesus and receive the calling to cast out demons then it shouldn't be impossible let alone difficult to perform exorcism successfully, But they don't perform exorcism instead they label anyone that's anti-ubf and coerce them to leave.

I don't think UBF necessarily causes demon-possession. But the fact that they let "demon-possessed" students out to campuses without an attempt to perform an exorcism shows that UBF creates more problems than they solve if they even solve problems and not just simply covering the issue up.

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