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UBF expose: Marriage Life

Hello Everyone,

A cable TV network has taken interested in the life and aftermath of "marriage by faith" life. In the near future an expose (episode) will be done on UBF.

Here's basic info on the TV network:

Were you married under the age of 18 and looking to get out? Were you forced to marry someone against your will and haven't found the courage to escape? Were you pressured into a marriage as a child and regret that decision every day? Do you fear your spouse and have nowhere to turn?

A major cable network, along with the producers of "Escaping Polygamy", are looking to document your journey for a new television project. We are looking for individuals who were married underage (legally or not) and feel as though they were pressured into that marriage and now want out. Individuals must currently live with their spouse and want to escape the home and the marriage. By sharing your story, we can help connect you to the necessary resources needed to escape wedlock. Please contact us if we can help.

Phone: (347) 880-6535 Email: Website:

If you are a married couple that left UBF you can share your story. 2nd gens are welcome to share their story as well. You can request anonymity

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