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UBF has been on the FBI's watchlist for a long time and still is to this day

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Recently I discovered a leaked FBI file on UBF that supports my CIA & UBF theory. More on that later.

The UBF web committee is aware of this and has went to great lengths to hide this by adjusting the Google search results.

Here is the FBI file on UBF:


The founder of UBF late Dr. Lee would never give out intel on UBF to outsiders let alone the FBI. Therefore UBF has been watched by the FBI & CIA as early as the mid 80s since the earliest records of investigation goes back to Jan 1988 it seems.

UBF has definitely been infiltrated by undercover cops and CIA agents. This is probably how the undercover CIA agents infiltrated UBF:

"Esther Kim, the Winnipeg chapter head, did not return FREE PRESS calls. I posed as a philosophy student interested in bible study and arranged to get myself recruited into the Winnipeg group. Chapter head Ester Kim did not answer the phone with “University Bible Fellowship” when I called for a Bible study appointment, just “hello”. She said no one had mentioned my name and asked who I knew in the group. Keith’s friend had arranged for me to meet and talk about the Bible study with Keith previously and I used his name as a reference. " Reference:

The Roving News Reporter may have also been an undercover CIA agent. I mentioned my suspicion in my CIA & UBF theory post:

"Here is some interesting intel from a news reporter:

"Date Posted: 12:54:11 01/08/02 Tue Author: Roving Reporter News Network Subject: Samuel Lee reported Dead

January 8, 2002 Chicago, IL

Driving by the UBF Chicago Center this morning, one could see a complete lack of activity. It is a beautiful day in Chicago, temperatures in the mid 40's and 50' predicted for tomorrow. In the beginning of January it looks like spring is in the air. A new beginning is near.

Just around the corner at 6510 N. Campbell, a solitary worker for a board-up company puts the finishing touches on a fire damaged house. The man, a muscular Hispanic man who may have played college football, wore an "FDNY" baseball hat in tribute to the real heroes of September 11th.

The man informed our news service that Samuel Lee passed away this morning. The board-up man made a comment 'that bad people die in a bad way.' He then finished his job, put his tools back in the truck and headed for the next fire damaged building." Source:

What is very odd is that this info is not referenced or in any article on the internet. I am not saying that the Roving News Reporter or the hispanic worker are undercover CIA agents but it is suspicious that such important information has been kept hidden." Reference:

Important note: The Roving News Network Reporter didn't provide a contact on the old RSQUBF forum. In fact I was unable to retrieve their email despite contacting the admin. Quite odd indeed.

I'm starting to suspect that the CIA may not only been involved in the founder's death but also in the "satanic attacks" UBF has suffered ever since like the destruction of the original Winnipeg UBF, the infamous UBF split/schism of 2001, and Bonn UBF police investigation in the early 2000s just to name a few

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