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UBF marriage by faith ceremonies declassified

In this post I will reveal what you may not know about UBF marriage ceremonies. In an earlier post (and Youtube video) I went into detail on how the marriage by faith process works. Here I will talk about the UBF marriage ceremonies for it is not discussed in detail publicly as far as I know.

To give you some idea what a UBF marriage ceremony entails take a look at the images below.

There is literally no breathing room between the activities except for the lunch.

UBF marriage ceremonies always take place on a Saturday morning/afternoon.

Outsiders are not allowed (anyone outside of UBF)

The UBF "missionary"/chapter director picks the bridesmaid, who is allowed to come, the location, and the rest of the details. In other words the bride and groom have no say in the matter.

Families of the bride and groom are the only outsiders allowed in the ceremony only if they "kiss" the missionary's feet.

If Family of the bride and groom don't agree they are banned from the ceremony.

Family of bride and groom are told at the very last minute (within a week).

Filming is not allowed. Photos are only allowed by the photographer (current UBF member) that the UBF missionary picks

No room for objection.

Bride and groom are expected to pay for each guest including family members.

UBF "missionaries" don't have a license to marry people.

Guests are expected to bring a gift.

The location is almost always indoors.

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