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UBF’s front groups compliation

UBF as a whole doesn’t have a front group but each of the chapters do.

Before proceeding let’s look at the definition of a front group.

“A front group is an organization that purports to represent one agenda while in reality it serves some other party or interest whose sponsorship is hidden or rarely mentioned.” Source:

In other words a front group is a mask/cover that a movement/group/organization has in order to conceal their true selves, name, and agenda.

It is for this reason that UBF (especially nowadays in 2018 when there is the internet, social media, networks, and the like) never reveal themselves as University Bible Fellowship (UBF) when they are recruiting (aka fishing) students. Current members will say when students ask of them that they are:

  • non-denominational

  • it’s just one-to-one bible study

  • under a name that’s not UBF

It is only after one does their research or attends the international conference that they realize that they are in UBF. (Check out Shattering UBF’s mask).

Here is a list compilation of all the front groups that UBF’s chapters currently have or used in the past:

In Germany:

In Canada:

Winnipeg UBF: The Original Winnipeg UBF had a front group called Campus Bible Fellowship (CBF).

The current Winnipeg UBF has a front called University of Manitoba Bible Reading Club

In the USA:

Toledo UBF has had a front group called Narrow Gate Church. It is unknown if they are currently using that same front group.

Chicago UBF’s old front group: City Evangelism 

El Camino UBF’s front groups: Their original front group was called Shepherd’s Church in Gardena from 2007-summer 2017. Since the church relocated in June 2017 they have a new front group called Harvest South Bay Church in Gardena.

Cal State Northridge UBF’s front groups: The front group that CSUN UBF had during the 3rd reform movement was called ECNI. After CSUN UBF had a split the fragment that is located near CSUN made a new front group that they are currently using called Good Shepherd Fellowship Church (GSF).

Additional Note: I was told by my friend, a former UBF staff member, that when UBF chapter directors (“missionaries”) have their annual meetings they are NOT required to report their front group (fake identity) to UBF HQ. Thus there is no record of the front group that a UBF chapter/church uses/used. If there is then it is scattered across the internet. But there is no compilation list until now.

What was the front group that your UBF chapter/church used?

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