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What happens if you become homeless in UBF?

This is a topic that was not openly discussed before (to my knowledge). Homelessness

Yes, current members/pro-UBF members have become homeless in the past and present. There is in fact a percentage of homeless members that go unreported.

Here is what happens when a current member becomes homeless:

1. UBF "missionaries" and the seniors/married go to VERY EXTREME lengths to cover up the news that a current member has become homeless.

2. UBF "missionaries" and the seniors/married will NOT provide any help at all not even a motel room. This is contradictory to what John the Baptist said: "John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”" Luke 3:11

That's what happens when you become homeless in UBF. What's more messed up than #2 is that the UBF "missionary" and seniors/married still expect you to attend Sunday service and testimony sharing.

I don't believe UBF causes homelessness but they are not willing to help current members come out of homelessness. By UBF I'm referring to the UBF "missionaries" and the senior shepherds/married couples. Those in UBF who are lower rank or new sheep may not know about the homelessness situation.

Here is the homeless case of Andrew Martin ex-member of UBF in Cincinnati and Kentucky for nearly 30 years

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