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What Korea really had to say about UBF

In 1990 a UBF staff member named (Moses) Jun-Ki Jung made a book documenting UBF's history and operations called Young Tentmakers (The History of UBF).

It is mostly UBF propaganda, however, the document records and cites criticism of UBF from Korea mainstream churches and Korea. Even though the Korea &Korea church criticism was made in the 1980s it is still relevant to UBF to this day.

Below are images of the criticism. My commentary is in the captions:

UBF only wants Koreans as missionaries. Native never become missionaries. They may go on a missions trip but not become an actually missionary. If (mainstream) natives are lucky they may get their own UBF church/chapter

Eccelesiology is the study of Christian Church history and otherwise

Politically motivation? This is the same claim that the founder of UBF and the rest of UBF make. Unfortunately this argument is still rehashed to this day.

A Para-church is "A Christian organization that engages in social welfare and evangelism without restricting itself to a specific religious denomination."

In other words a para-church is a church that is not part of any mainline/mainstream church and/or denomination

The only illegal activity deprogrammers did was kidnapping. What's ironic is that UBF accuses de-progrmamers of the very things UBF itself has done: brainwashing. manipulation

I mentioned several specific UBF cases in an earlier post:

Deprogrammers have also confronted non-Christian groups & cults such as Scientology

So why UBF hasn't done the same thing in other countries especially the US? I talked about this in an earlier post:

Source: pgs 139-151 (146-158)

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