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Why UBF can't get sheep (part 2)

This is the 2nd and final part. Read the previous post here to be up to speed:

This is the 2nd biggest reason why UBF can't get sheep:

2. They try too hard. Watch this video so that they rest of what I say makes more sense. Don't worry the video is short

So you just saw the video and wonder "How on earth does that have to do with UBF not able to get sheep?" I'll get to that right now

The problem is that UBF "missionaries" and "shepherds" try too hard to fish for students. In UBF's mind students see them as "God's servants", "pioneers", and "world class leaders". But in reality this is what students actually think when they are being fished:

"That person is desperate"

"That person is lonely"

"That person has no life"

"That person is creepy" (When students are fished at their dorms)

"That person is a possible pedophile" (When students are fished in the restrooms)

"This person is harassing me" (When students are fished multiple times by the same person)

So when UBF shepherds try too hard they are not captivating or sparking interest of Jesus to students but rather doing the exact opposite. Trying too hard is the worst thing they can do.

Students call the campus police on UBF shepherds and UBF "missionaries" in fear that they have an ulterior motive with the excessive recruiting (fishing) and not being very informative (providing a lot of information). The students have nothing against Jesus, are not persecuting them, and are not against evangelizing. They want the UBF "shepherds" and "missionaries" have everything explained and laid out while not being harassed instead of the UBF "shepherds" and "missionaries" being secretive with their information and excessive trying to fish students while violating the students' privacy & personal space. That's the real reason why students call the campus police. The students are concern about their personal safety.

Think of it this way: If a random person whom is not a student nor an alumni of the campus and approaches a student to have a one-to-one meeting on how to sell candy would the student take the random person's word for it or would the student get suspicious and a bit uncomfortable? 99% of the time the latter would happen.

If you truly want to know what students outside of UBF think about UBF "shepherds" and "missionaries" fishing have the campus admin conduct a survey that students (outside of UBF) can do anonymously on UBF and its registered club. You'll be surprised by the results.

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21 Ιαν 2019

Then awesome job!! I'm a fan of causing UBF to fail by information.

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Eric Navas
Eric Navas
21 Ιαν 2019

@bekamartin. The article appears to be counterproductive. However, the intention is not to help UBF get people but rather to show that is UBF is a failing business because of their own actions.

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20 Ιαν 2019

First of all, that video is completely junk! The way to get any one is to be yourself and talk to them, period. Second, This article........why are you trying to help UBF to recruit members!!?

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