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About the El Camino UBF chapter (Shepherd’s Church Gardena)

Hi. My name is Eric Navas. I was a member of El Camino UBF chapter for nearly 4 years. I left in November 2016. The main reason why I left is that the seniors and the chapter director John Baik are willing to betray chapter members for their own sake.

In addition to making a blog about what truly goes on behind the curtain there was also a mass letter/email sent to the UBF chapter members recently:

Here is the run down of what happened immediately:

  • Baik holds a secret meeting the next night at 11pm at the church

  • current and ex-members wanted to have a discussion

  • The Seniors and Baik threatened to have the ex-members and that one current member arrest

  • Baik obstinately gave orders to have the loyal members to ostracized all ex-members and anyone else who would disagree with them. In fact on of the seniors Clifford Tylin “Ty” Rothrock has said quote: “We [the seniors and chapter director] have nothing to talk about to the ex-members and those who disagree”

Here is the aftermath

Threats from John Baik and Taylor Bell (a junior member):

“I understand what you say. Nonetheless, you must not use the recordings, or any other things, or any other things that are related to us, without our consent. If you use any of it without our consent, you already violated the law, and consequences will follow. And it is your responsibility to contact those whom you sent it, and collect it, destroy it. Again, this is a serious matter.”

John Baik

Sent from my iPhone

Hi Ashley. Last night, we were surprised that you appeared there. There, you recorded our meeting without our permission; we even expressed our uneasiness with you recording, but you would not stop recording it. It is a legal issue – you should not have done so. We do not allow you to use that recording both entirely and partially, our voices, our faces, or any other thing in that recording for any purpose, or at any place, online and offline. So, I, John Baik, the pastor of Shepherds Church [El Camino UBF], as the representative of Shepherds church [El Camino UBF] , demands you to delete that recording immediately. Thank you.


John Baik

**”If you plan to record telephone calls or in-person conversations (including by recording video that captures sound), you should be aware that there are federal and state wiretapping laws that may limit your ability to do so. These laws not only expose you to the risk of criminal prosecution, but also potentially give an injured party a civil claim for money damages against you.”**

Note: He stole the quote in asterisks from this site:

The threat by Taylor Bell:

Hi Ashley, My prayer is that God may have used the conversation today to eliminate confusion and to plant faith. I understand I had given you consent to record our conversation and use as you wish but I am revoking that. As you mentioned, the conversation was merely for you and for closure, nothing more.

Taylor Bell

Let’s backtrack a bit. There are clear contradictions. The chapter director says that what the student did was illegal and that they were never given permission. However Taylor says that the student was given permission but the consent was revoked and didn’t say what was done was illegal but wasn’t acceptable by UBF standards. In addition to this the leaders and chapter directors not only manipulate scripture but they also manipulate the written law as well. The asterisked paragraph the chapter director quoted is from the same site that I provided the link. Instead of providing a link he just pick and choose one paragraph from the whole law code to portray the student as the criminal/villain and the situation as black & white when in reality the student is a victim and just practicing their constitutional rights while the situation is really a gray area.

This is why I strongly and sincerely recommend and advise that you become knowledgeable of the legal system and the laws particularly the laws pertaining to religion and your human rights. Not just head knowledge but knowing it like the back of your hand so to speak.

Here is the screenshots of the original threat messages:

Here is proof that Shepherd’s Church is a front of the El Camino UBF:

In fact the chapter was reviewed at the time of this post not once but multiple times &

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