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Even more on the El Camino UBF chapter (Shepherd’s Church Gardena)

Greetings Everyone. Here is more intel on the El Camino UBF chapter (Shepherd’s Church). You may have heard of John Baik, his sugarcoated stories, etc. Here is the information and knowledge that he and the seniors have attempted to destroy, censor, and discredit.

Here is a picture of John Baik:

 Don’t be deceived by his appearance. He is (in mafia terms) the Don of the El Camino UBF chapter. He has committed abuses and mistreats church members, those who don’t agree with him, and even to his own family. In fact there are cameras inside his house right by his children’s rooms. What kind of Christian Household does heavy surveillance on their own children as though they are criminals? Here is his location disclosed. Side note: he has also changed the license plate number on his vehicle.

I have witnessed and be victimized to his atrocities. He has dehumanized me several times despite taking punishments from my former bible teacher while attempting to keep up with the chapter unrealistic demands. In one instance he has said these things to my face.

You never had a purpose here

You don’t belong anywhere

You never ever been a part of us

–John Baik, chapter director/Don/destroyer of lives

If that wasn’t awful enough after leaving the chapter he continued to harass me and my family by sending current chapter member Elva Aldrete to my house just prior to the conference. She nagged my mom to death despite being fully aware that my mom was very ill at the time. She nagged me to death and refrained me from my tasks at home but not before interrogating my relative into pressuring them to go to the chapter’s 2017 New Years conference.

Then this past week he had Elva coerced my sister into love-bombing me in an attempt to get me to drop my flags and remove the articles. Nevertheless I won’t remove/delete the articles I made and I am even willing to face legal action should it come to that. I detected that it was love-bombing right away for my sister gave me several gifts on a Monday. Knowing my relative for my entire life and living with her and the rest of my family she has never bought multiple gifts for me on a Monday night for she shops on the weekend.  Check out this article that goes into depth on love-bombing:

Here is his Google plus account:

Another piece of intel to mention is that he, his daughter Sarah, and a few others prowl and stalk the University of Southern California (USC). This is extremely significant for UBF has actually been banned from USC campus since at least 2007 if not much earlier. Source:

John Baik attempted to established his chapter there like he did at Cal State Long Beach under a front called “Shepherd’s Club” (with the same logo at the beginning of this article) at the USC office of Religious life. And for a time it was among the listing. But as of this article it has been removed from the listing and John Baik scaled back his operations due to suspicions and questions raised about his group of chapter members. They are known to reside/”hangout” at the libraries at USC.

Here is a picture of John Baik’s daughter Sarah Baik:

She is the Sarah Barry of the El Camino UBF chapter for Sarah Baik is aware of the abuses, mistreatment, and betrayals conducted by her father and other church members yet she condones them as a bystander. Sarah Baik has reported to have harassed students on the USC campus despite warnings and requests to be left alone by USC students. She is currently an intern at a Walmart and a grad student at USC. Reference:

Here is her Google plus account:

Should you ever encounter her on the campus execute the same actions to the wolves mentioned in my previous article. She will then have a similar reaction. Also check out the reading of “In Sheep’s Clothing” by George K. Simon Jr. if you haven’t already.

Full pdf file: file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/In_Sheeps_Clothing.pdf

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