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(Harvest South Bay Church Gardena) El Camino UBF chapter– The Seniors and Baik are LIARS

Here is the transcript of a letter were the ex-members are “officially” banned. Except for my analysis/critique/commentary in brackets [ ] this letter hasn’t been edited in any way. Also all the email contacts except for John Boos’ (who wrote the letter) have been removed for his personal contact was already made public on this site: **All names in the letter are actual names**

From: John Boos <> Date: September 16, 2016 at 8:06:02 AM PDT To: [ex-members] Subject: No More Trespassing Please Reply-To: John Boos <>
Hello Everyone [ex-members] (Eduardo, Ashley, and Chris, and anyone else who had been involved), [all of the people mentioned here are colored. Even though the term ‘junk sheep’ is not used at El Camino UBF the concept is still practiced] Monday, you all came to our church and interrupted a meeting [The meeting Boos is talking about is the secret meeting regarding the mass letter sent to the whole church], even though you are no longer church members; this disturbed and bothered us greatly.  Then, on Tuesday, while we were watching the movie, “The Insanity of God,” in Long Beach [If I recall correctly in UBF watching movies was not only looked down but members can get punished for doing so] , someone came to our church and put graffiti on the electrical panel box in front of the church, and on the garage door of our neighbor, in the back alley; we reported this to the city of Los Angeles, and they came today, Thursday (9/16), and removed the graffiti, but then, this afternoon, we found the same words on the same garage door, “Shepherds Church is a Cult.”   This is not acceptable. [The grafftti part is probably a huge lie. If that really happened there would have been evidence. As soon as I heard about this so called incident I looked in the trash cans for any clues or anything left behind such as empty spray cans only to find none.  I even asked about it only for my questions to be completely ignored. Why? Because they probably don’t have any evidence like a photo because it probably never happened to begin with. Instead this lie was used to justify installing surveillance cameras around the santuary] If any of you is involved in this matter, please stop now.  We consulted with a Detective  of the Los Angeles Police Department [Did you? If so why the LAPD and not the Gardena Police Department? Also what is his name and badge number? You (El Camino UBF) don’t have it probably because he doesn’t EXIST], and he said that this is in the category of a hate crime – a hate instance toward religion.  This is America.  There are so many different religions and different churches with different styles and different mission focuses, different methods and practices, and if you don’t like our church style or practices, then, you simply leave, and that’s it.[ This is a FLAT OUT LIE!!! If this was true then why on earth did you send Elva Aldrete to my house late at night after I have left the chapter in November 2016 the week before  the 2017 News Years conference to HARASS ME AND MY FAMILY after I have already left the chapter in November 2016??!!! And don’t say that you didn’t know because the seniors always have meetings every Sunday night.]  That’s what the Detective said – that’s the American way.  So, this kind of hate crime must be stopped. [This goes for the El Camino UBF chapter as well.]  Please be aware that you are responsible for the consequences of your behaviors.  Also someone came to the church building on Wednesday secretly when no one was there and put paper surveys you had presented to us, [This is very vague. Did it actually happened? I checked the garage for any remnants of the so-called surveys but found none. So this claim was also probably made up as well.] in our study rooms in the garage, and inside the sanctuary, even hiding them in binders and folders.  It’s obvious that you or your members have trespassed on private property – this must be stopped.  The Detective encouraged us to simply call the police if anyone trespasses on the property. [Apparently this wasn’t enough for when I was going to class a few weeks ago on CSUDH, which is a PUBLIC college campus, I passed by my former bible teacher and out of the blue threatened to call the cops on me. In that case you (Seniors and chapter director), might as well endorse slavery.]  As the representatives of the church, and members of the church counsel, we demand you to stop any further trespassing on the property, located at 16924 S Vermont Ave, Gardena, CA 90247.  Such violation will not be tolerated. Period![This is very ironic for John Baik allowed Eduardo back into the chapter since Jan 2017. So in the end Baik is the only one in the chapter that has any real power and authority. Everyone else including the Seniors are simply just pawns/puppets for Baik’s personal agenda.] Also, as missionary John, our Pastor told you through his email, our church and all of our church members do not give you any consent to use any sound file or video file that is related to us, either recorded by you or by anyone else. You must not use our names, faces, our pictures, our voices, and anything that is related to each of us and/or to our church online or offline, and in any form, and in any way, unless you get our consent in written from each and every person related and from the church. [I’m no longer a member of the chapter so therefore I’m in no obligation to do what you tell me to do. I rather get arrest or sued then do any more biddings of the chapter. In fact that is is exactly what I want the chapter to do in order for a change of events to unfold. By the way I have already sent the audio recordings to Sarah Baik (screenshot of the email is below). Knowing John Baik he cares about his own children than about the rest of the church combined so he will do anything to prevent Sarah from getting prosecuted or involved in any legal matter.]  You must understand that this is a very serious matter.  May God have mercy on you. Sincerely,Moses Webster, Council Member of Shepherds ChurchJohn Boos, Council Member of Shepherds ChurchJohnny Pringle, Council Member of Shepherds ChurchRobert Hagan, Council Member of Shepherds ChurchRoberto Flores, Council Member of Shepherds ChurchLeo Takahashi, Council Member of Shepherds ChurchAnthony Zavala, Council Member of Shepherds Church[What stood out in the very last part of the email is that my former bible teacher Clifford Rothrock is not included as a counselor member despite the fact that he is also a Senior. What is interesting to note is that when the 4th reform movement happened in 2010-2011 at El Camino UBF in which many members left the chapter Rothrock was blamed for it.]

Here is proof that I sent the recordings to Sarah Baik:

[As I mentioned above if anyone were to inquire to the Seniors and chapter director about the claims on the graffiti and the surveys they will make a face and ignore your question all together, put some label on you, use passages like Matthew 21 or Genesis 9 as an excuse/justification for having cameras around the chapter building. For there is NO undisputed concrete evidence let alone any evidence at all to their claims.]

[If anyone (except the Seniors, Darius, and the chapter director for I blocked all contact with them because I gotten sick of their lies and betrayal) would like to say something to my face or would like to inquire more about the chapter here is my email: Leave my friends alone. Note: If you are going to tell me how awesome UBF is or anything pro-UBF you are wasting your time for I already made up my mind to never again be pro-UBF.]

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