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(Harvest South Bay Church Gardena) El Camino UBF– John Baik worships Man instead of God

Disclaimer: The following images may cause triggers.

John Baik worships Chang -Woo “Samuel” Lee in a very sneaky way.

Here is evidence in Baik’s very recent sermon:

“We remember Dr. Samuel Lee’s struggle. He was already serving great work of God. But he didn’t think that he knew the Bible. So, he started his personal everyday Bible study, and it took for him four years to cover the entire Bible. But he still did not think he knew the Bible. So, he studied the entire Bible one more time, taking four years again. But after eight years’ study, he still did not think that he knew the Bible. So, he did it one more time, taking another four years. Then, after 12 years studies, he finally grasped what the Bible was talking about. He said that the Bible is about paradise lost and paradise regained. Then, through the word of God he served, so many people have been strengthened, encouraged and inspired to go and live for God alone….”

“Great servants of God like Billy Graham, Dr. Samuel Lee, or Mother Barry….”

Baik made it seem like Lee just came out of heaven. This is a sugarcoat and overrated perspective of Lee. Noticed how he emphasized Lee out of all people in addition to basically copying all of Lee’s sermons.

For the new “sheep” of the church you are probably wondering who is this Chang-Woo “Samuel” Lee Baik is talking about? [Chang-Woo is the founders birth name. Lee took the name Samuel when he came to the US in the mid 1970s]. This is Lee:

This is the same Lee Baik mentions in his sermon. Note how Baik NEVER mentions University Bible Fellowship (UBF) in his sermons. When Baik does mention UBF at the church it is extremely RARE.

John Baik is not the only one who worships Lee. In fact basically all UBF “missionaries” does this as you can see:

That is UBF’s perspective of the founder.

To see the other perspective of Lee check out the following:

Source of images:

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