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(Harvest South Bay Church Gardena) El Camino UBF– Something’s Fishy

This fundraiser on the chapter’s website looks appealing. But when you take a second look you will notice something shady about their “advertisement”.

Here is the advertisement:

This Saturday we will be hosting a Steak Dinner Fundraiserto benefit our building fund.Tickets are $50 and include our famous rib-eye steak, cooked by professional amateur grill chefs, side dishes and entertainment.  Lunch and dinner service are available. Bless your mom for Mothers’ day and support a good cause at the same time.  [Image of steak]All are welcome to attend. Please see a church member for a ticket and additional information. Source: are several things to note:God is not mentioned nor referenced at all in the ad. The bless you/your phrase tries to imply God not to mention how vague it sounds. What is also vague is the phrase “good cause”. They don’t go into detail on what that means. They want you to guess what it is the answer then surprised with the “right answer”.The second to last sentence “All are welcome to attend” is very misleading. What it should have said is “All whom John Baik approves of are welcome to attend” If one can recall not only has Baik exiled all the ex-members but also has threaten to arrest them as well. & .This advertisement is actually one of the most emotionally abusive methods by UBF: Love bombing. “Love Bombing is an attempt to influence a person by demonstrations of attention and affection.” Source: . Here are several articles that go into depth on love-bombing, how to detect signs, and how to avoid it and/or recovery from it:

Here are several discussions questions that should be asked of the chapter director (Baik) and the Seniors:

  1. Why are we changing locations?

  2. If we were going to move anyway then why did you go through so much trouble to install surveillance cameras? IF the reason why is genuine then why was this not made public since what they teach is “being open to god?”

  3. Did you ever reconcile/apologize with the ex-members?

  4. May I have the [ex-members] contact to hear their side of the story? An open minded person listens to both sides of the story/argument. Also it’s a way to confirm if the chapter/church actual apologized or not

If the Seniors and chapter director do any of the following after you ask any one of  the questions above then they have shown their true colors hence they are not what they say they are:

  • changing the subject

  • not giving a straightforward answer

  • getting upset, disgust, or obstinate

  • making excuses like “We don’t need to talk about it” or “We don’t have time”

  • trying to justify their actions with bible verses

  • looking away instead of directly into your eyes

  • playing dumb example: “I don’t remember that”

  • wearing a fake smile especially after getting upset

As far as why they are changing locations there is a theory to suggest that it is because Baik isn’t able to get any new students mainly due to Eric exposing the chapter for what it really is. Kudos to Eric Navas for not only speaking out but also using your real name as well.

Should the chapter actual relocate they would probably change their name to dissociate themselves from Eric and deny his claims & articles. A possible name change would be “Torrance UBF” or “Gardena UBF” if they haven’t been taken up yet. This is not a new tactic for UBF has used this same tactic before several times most notably the Downey UBF chapter and the Chicago UBF chapter.

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