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(Harvest South Bay Church Gardena) El Camino UBF– Undisputed evidence

Do you recall in the open letter to El Camino UBF the part about favoritism?

 Also, why was it that one very young disciple was recently allowed to go to the UBF Korea trip instead of other shepherds who have been in the ministry far longer? The answer is simple. He is the sheep of Missionary John Baik, and he of course was moved to the front of the line! 

I have found evidence of this. But first more background info.

On June 2016 UBF held a World Mission Missionaries and Shepherd’s Conference. It is were those who got chosen to go on a mission’s trip to Korea and have a UBF conference that is more or less a replica of UBF’s international conferences that are held every 5 years.

The current members with Suh in the photo are the ones who got to go to the missions trip.

Ivan is the young disciple that biblestudyassociation referred to in his open letter to the church.  Ivan has been in the church about the same time I was maybe a little less.

What you probably didn’t know was that Ivan was originally Sarah Baik’s student before he was transferred to John Baik. Hence why Ivan was moved up very quickly despite being there a short time not to mention that UBF desires mainstream students (Caucasians preferably blue eyed blondes).

James Suh was John Baik’s original teacher (shepherd). Suh is the chapter director of the Kyungsung I UBF chapter in Korea UBF that is located in Seoul, Korean. This is the UBF chapter John Baik originated from. (Sidenote: Kyungsung I UBF chapter has always been pro-UBF.)

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