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(Harvest South Bay Church Gardena) El Camino UBF– What UBF had to say

A surprising report by UBF on El Camino UBF.

Take a look at the UBF USA mission report on El Camino UBF by Mark Vucekovich

“In El Camino UBF, about 20 members left the ministry last year and became critical. Those who remained became too tired to have conferences. God inspired John [Baik] to have a year-end leaders’ retreat and lead the 80 remaining members to study the book of Jonah. God richly blessed them, and he encouraged them through the visits and support of other West Coast coworkers and UBF leaders worldwide.” Source:

There is one fabrication in this report. El Camino UBF never had 80 members. At its peak it had about 60 members. Now it has less than 40 and decreasing.

In this report UBF is referring to themselves as god in third person:

“[UBF] inspired John [Baik] to have a year-end leaders’ retreat…”

“[UBF] richly blessed them, and he encouraged them…”

Why the 2nd crisis happened is never disclosed by UBF or John “Chun” Baik. If anything the latter would have distorted the actual reason with his own reasoning. The actual reason that the 2nd crisis cam about is the legalism in the chapter. The realization of legalism led the “2nd Exodus” as a whole to realize the doctrinal errors and recognize the abusive practices conducted by Baik and the seniors. There was an attempt to confront and have an open discussion in person. Listen to the recordings and see how it failed.

Those who remained became too tired to have conferences.

That is one reason but not the only reason. Regarding fatigue of members the conferences are conducted with no breaks at all not even restroom breaks. It is literally one activity after another until very late at night or early morning throughout the whole conference. As a result members are sleep deprived.

Another reason there hasn’t been any conferences is due to finances. I was told by current and ex-members that for the church to secure a place they need a minimum number of attendees registered. Otherwise Baik and the seniors would have to pay extra. Since late 2015 the price for conference registration is $90-$100

Yes El Camino UBF needs help. Not from UBF but rather from the outside. Professional help from licensed counselors/therapists, guidance of Christian ministers that teach sound doctrine, expand on Christian literature, and exercise trust falls.

But before that there are several things that the chapter must do:

  1. Acknowledge the abusive practices openly and publicly online via apology

  2. The church must cut of all times from UBF and no longer be registered as an UBF chapter

  3. Have an open discussion forum online

  4. Celebrate Father’s day (They always ignore Fathers Day)

  5. Repent by getting the help mentioned earlier

Fun Fact: I’m one of those 20 people that left.

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