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(Harvest South Bay Church Gardena)– The Church strikes back

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

The Church is striking back by attempting to silence me. They have unfortunately suspended his blog:

Harassment???!! That makes no sense for several reasons:

El Camino UBF specifically the chapter director and his inner circle knew about the blog for a long time. In fact it was made in mid 2015 before Eric left UBF. Here’s evidence that the church knew about the blog:

“You have even written a blog, quite obviously showing your contempt for the ministry.” Source:

Those are a senior member’s exact words. He clearly said nothing about harassment but rather on contempt. Contempt and harassment are not the same thing. Here are the definitions for the words:

Except  Rothrock no current member has stated to Eric that the blog is unwanted. Jared doesn’t count for all we know it could be a troll or Rothrock in disguise.  If El Camino UBF wants to take the matter to court with undisputed evidence then I recommend they do so if they themselves aren’t guilty of harassment towards Eric and others both current and ex-members.

This reveals the methodology of UBF silencing people. When an ex–member speaks out against UBF it is unfortunately considered harassment even if you use bible verses and have a solid argument.

Here’s what UBF does to silence ex-members that speak out online:

  • First, they make threats to the ex-member

  • If that doesn’t work then the UBF web committee is contacted to alter the internet’s algorithm

  • If that doesn’t work then they contact the web host admin (in the case of Eric Blogger) to have the blog removed.

  • If that doesn’t work then the chapter director gets a lawyer to contact the ex-member with a threat of lawsuit

This is not to scare or discourage ex-members from speaking out but rather to inform you in order to prepare for what UBF throws at you.

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