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Korea UBF (Jongno UBF)–UBF reform group, worship service in front of headquarters[English Translate]

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

UBF reform group, worship service in front of headquarters

More than 500 shepherds, bachelors and students from all over the country attend the 14th

Kim Jong Hee reporter | 10.10.33 18:18:57

▲ As the 2 o’clock nearer, members of the reform team started gathering in the open space in front of the headquarters building in Jongno .

On the afternoon of October 14, 2:00 pm, about 500 members of the UBF Reformers gathered from across the country and worshiped in front of the headquarters building in Jongno. One of the co-chairs of the UBF Reform Action Council and the head of the Suwon Center, he spoke of Psalm 51:17 as “the sacrifice of God” in the text. The Shepherd of Shepherd directly aimed at the leadership of this Samuel world leader who could be said to be the core of the UBF problem, preaching by dividing the sacrifice which God requires in three broad categories: obedience, compassion, and repentance.

▲ Unlike usual, this day very naturally hands raised, praised and prayed.

“UBF is renowned for its good training, sacrifices, offerings, and prayers, but not being able to obey the mission of light and salt in the world is not properly obedient,” he said. He said, “After the Chicago convention, a lot of numbers are gathered, but missionaries are owed, and they even try to photograph and manipulate their photographs.” He said, “Imposed obedience is just like disobedience.” I urge you to obey only before God. “The shepherds reported their sermons to Chicago (to name Samuel Missionaries), and they were desperate to fill in numbers because they had to report the numbers they had gathered. “He said. He said, “We repent of the mistake that has made these sheep for 40 years, and declared liberation last week.” He also quoted this Samuel representative in a letter to missionaries, citing “they (the reformers) tried to slander me, but they did not find any flaws,” he said, It is not covered, “he urged repentance.

▲ Shepherd who is a preacher.

Following the sermon, the ‘Seoul Declaration of Pastors of the Shepherds’ was read aloud. They said, “On October 5, the so-called corporate board of directors of the Reformed Shepherds said,” We can not be bothered with sadness and bitterness when we hear about the decision to remove them. ” These are the true co-owners of UBF and God’s co-workers who are devoting themselves to life and talents in it. Thus, the authority of any leader can not surpass the Bible, which is the Word of God. △ Reforms the humanistic centered humanism, historical centered quantityism, successive superstitiousism, and behavioralistic legalism that are hidden in our congregation. It should not be separated by the people, and it is illegal and one-sided to decide on the exclusion of the member from the board of directors on October 5, so that it can not be recognized. △ I believe true reform starts from the repentance of one person, He vowed to pray with hard work. Participants prayed for about 20 minutes after suggesting the relief.

▲ Representatives of the shepherds are presenting the Seoul Declaration.

The worship service on this day was able to feel the desire for reform, on the other hand, in the atmosphere of tearing and salivating all over the place, mostly because the participants perceived that the community actually came to the point of division. The headquarters building was firmly locked, and some people on the headquarters were around, but there was no such conflict. However, there was a misunderstanding that one person on the headquarters was abusing the worshipers. Kim, who was sitting on the stairs of the building, was accused of being a “damn X” by a female member who was upset with a reformist participant with the contents of the sermon by Goi Isaac. After the worship service, the member asked him to apologize, “I can not believe that you are hearing such a curse on UBF shepherd,” but he politely continues to arguing without apologizing properly, It is.

Participants who pray that UBF will truly become a beautiful community in God’s sight.

Late in the evening, the headquarters contacted me on the evening of October 5, when the board of directors dropped the 14 missing persons. The reporter met with headquarters personnel at a hall in Jongno on Saturday, the next day, and asked for clarification of future plans and cooperating with the coverage. They responded favorably and expressed their desire that the report be made in a way that would not interfere with the campus evangelism ministry that the UBF had been conducting for 40 years, and the reporters agreed.

The reporter asked for some official answers and promised to meet them during the next week as soon as the materials are ready at headquarters. However, there was no contact for a week, and the reporter contacted several times on the weekend, but the meeting was not realized. On the night of the 14th Sunday, when the reformers worshiped in front of the headquarters building, they telephoned the Korean representative, Joy Han, to ask for cooperation, but the former delegation expressed their desperation to cooperate with the report, saying, ” I did.

It is already known, but the headquarters called the editorial chiefs of the editorials at the end of the month at the end of the month before expelling the reformers, and asked for the “press coverage.” Actually there were many reporters at the press conference of the reformers and headquarters on May 5, There was a newspaper that did not leave.

The headquarters also pointed out that “One of the reasons for dropping the reformers was to write an article on <News & Joe> that slanders the history of UBF.” This is a distortion of the fact that <News & Joe> was reported by the reformers. This is an obvious false fact and undermines the honor of <News and Joe>, which regards “freedom from jurisdiction and money” as one of the media’s most precious values. <News & Joe> will ask the headquarters for a formal and apologetic apology.

<News and Joey> met with the UBF directly and indirectly related people after the removal of the name on May 5, and obtained official data. At the planning meeting, it was confirmed during the interview that UBF is not facing the problem of a school mission organization. Many Korean mission agencies, as well as the Korean church as a whole, have a problem to deal with.

<News & Joe> wants to listen fairly to what the headquarters and reformers are claiming. So when the opinions are in conflict, we will introduce the positions of both sides equally. However, it is clear that the right and wrong will be revealed on one side. It is clear job duties that the press keep neutrality in the confrontation of right and wrong, and it is another form of truth distortion.

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