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Korea UBF (Jongno UBF chapter)– UBF, what will be reformed [English Translation]

UBF, what will be reformed

Leadership change, theological education, church change, transparent finance, etc.

Kim Jong Hee reporter | 10.10.33 18:18:57

📷▲ Democratic leadership, transparent financial management, solidarity of coalitions and solidarity. Here is why we should pay attention to what the reforms will bring .

On the afternoon of October 14, approximately 500 college students from UBF gathered in front of the headquarters building at the park in front of the headquarters building in Jongno. UBF, which did not go to local churches but worshiped at each center by themselves, gathered from each worship place on this day. Of course, the worship service is also the only service of UBF, and it is a half service in UBF.

On this day, the Shepherd of Isaac, who preached under Psalm 51: 17, “The Offering of God,” emphasized the sacrifice of obedience, compassion, and repentance. But in substance, UBF world representatives criticized Samuel Missionary directly. It was the founder of a college student missionary group that was born in Korea in 1961, 40 years ago, and a real leader and critic of the best adult of the group, the young loyal devotee.

Ten days before the on-the-go worship service, on October 5, the board of directors of UBF Corporation dismissed 14 members, including eleven standing committees of the so-called “UBF Reform Action Council” and three of their wives. Why did those who poured 20 or 30 years of life into a mission campus on a university campus were excluded? On the other hand, why do they criticize their mentor and the top chief of the organization?

Ignore the spiritual order,

📷On Oct. 5, 10 days before the on-the-go worship service, UBF Corporation Board of Directors dismissed 14 people including eleven standing committees of UBF Reform Action Council and three of their wives, claiming reform of UBF. Ⓒ News & Joe

First, let’s look at the reason for the expulsion from UBF headquarters. The board has excluded them for eight reasons. In April of last year, the UBF Development Council was called for the withdrawal of the World Mission Report Convention, and without the approval of the headquarters, the website was run separately, and there were no defamation reports on the headquarters and the delegates. We will continue to hold separate meetings, ignoring the suggestion “Let’s settle in words, prayer and dialogue.” We will not only act in disregard of the consensus of the six Special Committees to tackle the situation, It was a violation of this policy despite the decision not to do so.

In January this year, representatives of Korea, US, and Germany met with seven members who had already left UBF and had a so-called “World Reform UBF Representative Retreat Conference.” The General Assembly was abolished due to the absence of a regular quorum, , Publishes newspapers, independently publishes the Bible magazine book “Daily Use Style”, and does not remit tithing offerings to the headquarters. In addition, the 40th anniversary of mission was held separately in Korea, and the fact that it wrote an article that justified them in the newspaper of the news such as <News and Joey> and the fact that it held a press conference with the reporters of news media at 11:00 am on October 5, Included in the reason. As a result of this, the Council of Ebisu said, “Since we have divided the UBF community, denied the historicity of the gospel history, and destroyed the spiritual order established by God, I waited,

On the other hand, the Election Council decided on the unfairness of the reason for the expulsion, one by one. ‘The reason for the reform movement was that the world governor, who exercised his supreme power, sent letters to missionaries and sheep scattered all over the world, and that they gave distrust to the step shepherds as false facts. He also denied that there was no reason to get approval from the headquarters for the operation of the website, that the separate committee was allowed by the six special committees, and that he agreed not to attend the European International Conference. Participation in the General Assembly is a fundamental part of the membership, and it should be first and foremost whether the tithing is being used fairly.

The loss-of-mouth negotiations are persuasive in their own way about disciplinary reasons. And as Samuel Missionary first sent thousands of letters of condemnation to steppe shepherds to missionaries at home and abroad, it seemed favorable to the fact that this Samuel missionary provided the cause . However, even if it is so, from last spring and the past one year and six months, since the loss cooperation cooperation report, any organization should be able to discipline.

It would be nice if the situation would be settled by dismissing a team member who committed a misdeed and betrayed, but the situation does not develop very well. If you turn one of the truth behind these betrayals, you will see a shocking scene in which this incident was not only the case, but also in 76 and 89.

“Bizarre” training exercises

📷▲ News and Joey 19 cover story UBF “Go to the scene covered with veil”

In 1997, <Spiritual Abuse> was published in [The Word of Life]. <Spiritual … > Is a prominent American sociologist and pseudo-group research authority, Dr. Ronald Enroth, who, on the basis of interviews with people who have experienced spiritual abuse, discusses the realities and problems of spiritual abuse in the name of God It is a book. This book introduces cases of abuse in various religious groups. In the 1980s, an American college student named Tom [Brown] was introduced to UBF.

“Tom wanted to study and become a specialist in his major after taking his doctorate. But UBF was asked to give up the plan because it was the result of ‘sinful selfishness’. They were also under pressure to leave their parents for the ministry of the disciples. It is the consciousness that the breaking of the human relationship with the parents and the slavery of God are connected to the same context. The formation of a typical dualist worldview and values ​​was supported by powerful and diverse awareness training. From the ‘message training’, which is the message of this Samuel missionary through the memorization and the dictation several times, I received so called ‘meal training’ and ‘international stomach training’ that eat all kinds of food so that it can not digest properly.

The problem is that you are ‘training’ your own volume exactly the way you have been. In order to make the night cheerful for repentance and to keep the bible verse from being remembered,

These examples, which seem to be a scene of a mischievous novel, are shocking in that they are based on actual experiences of real people, as the author has stated in the preface. The testimonies of those who met during the reporter’s coverage were even more shocking and destructive.

One of the step shepherds who came out to cry out for reform was confessing that the shepherds had been trained to face their opponents in two lines. At that time, the relative shepherd’s eardrum exploded that it was still heartbreaking memory. If the letter required to be used by missionaries is not in the name of this Samuel Missionary, the command of “training” has fallen to no avail. Snowy Winter It is usual to walk the city barefoot. I had to walk when I asked him to walk for 10 kilometers or 20 kilometers. Not to mention beating with a club, it was one of the exercises to get into the cold winter ice.

At this point, it is hard to see it as a community of common people. Ronald Enrous, who wrote the book mentioned above, is likely to be a pseudo-group that he studies professionally.

No matter who is the founder or supreme leader, letting the preacher read his sermon during the international conference, whether it is training to copy his sermon or not, is not easy to understand easily. Where is it? Dating between heterosexuality is impossible. The relationship with the parent is also to be terminated.

The marriage also follows the instructions.

Numerous examples of marriage only within the UBF are another bizarre. A pastor who left UBF about 20 years ago had to marry a woman missionary who was working as a missionary in Germany at the time of the 70s, under the command of Samuel Missionary. The first time I met my bride was at Kimpo airport three days before marriage. Parents were notified only the day before the wedding. The family turned upside down and the parents were upset, but when they saw the bride who was so smart and intelligent, the parents’ minds were softened. How much do you know if you know each other during the ten-day honeymoon. The bride returned to Germany ten days later. I spent a lot of love and romance with my friends for a long time, and after a year I was able to meet again and make a normal assumption. He asks himself, “Is this possible in a heretical group, but can it be in a normal Christian organization?” If you think about it now, it is hardly possible. At that time, however, he thought, ‘I thought of it as a price for my mission and I was fully satisfied.’ This is a very natural phenomenon in UBF.

If the first reform movement did not take place in ’76, it is possible that these bizarre movements may have continued. In Korea, this impersonal training method and unusual events have been disappeared since 76 years since Samuel left the United States. If you look at the book written in the United States, there seems to be an up-to-date non-personal training in a way that still can not be understood in common sense. One person who led the first revolt in 1976 said, “It was not the problem of a leader but the situation of the time made it possible.”

The UBF is not irrelevant to the social situation in which the UBF was dominated by the iron-fisted rule of the military regime in the strictly closed and repressive social atmosphere from the time when the UBF first started in Gwangju in Jeolla Province until the first incident in 1976. He had a bizarre marriage and said, “Human beings have a property to avoid training, but on the other hand, there is a property that expects training.” The psychological properties of human beings must also be understood. In other words, things that are not understandable from the perspective of the third person are satisfied and happiness in the community.

After the transfer of leadership in Korea, much improvement

has been made in the years since Missionary Samuel left for Chicago. However, we can not exclude Korean modern history, which is represented by military culture, because we can not easily escape the closed and rigid atmosphere. In addition, if the members stay satisfied while they are in the community, it is very likely to fall into a social group. I think we should build a unique identity of our own community based on the universal common sense principle based on reason with the Word.

In this section, the limit of UBF is revealed, and on the other hand, the direction and contents of reform are decided. Why is UBF, renowned for studying the Bible more thoroughly than any other missions agency, has a leadership that is out of biblical principles? First, it can be seen as the absence of theology. If you look at some of the examples mentioned above, it is reminiscent of the behavior of heresy clowns, who are socially disguised and are often introduced to the media. However, it is because of the irony that there is no inherent doctrine or theology of UBF.

There is no conservative view of Bible interpretation and independent doctrine.

UBF ‘s Bible interpretation has a thoroughly conservative perspective. Their one-on-one powerful Bible study is excellent for their Bible skills. As a result, I am more enthusiastic about the Word, prayer, and evangelism than any school mission organization. If not, do you leave your family for the mission of evangelism, give up your free choice and marry your partner?

The problem is that when they study the Bible in their own world, they lack a theological perspective and perspective that can be objectively judged and evaluated. It was the starting point of a vicious circle that was bound to blindly obey the leadership and interpretation of one leader. The fact that one of the strongest claims of those who cried for the first reform in 1976 was ‘theological education’, and 25 years later, the Reformers emphasize the need for theological education is the obstacles and rigidity of UBF, It can be interpreted as a desperate struggle to overcome the pain of a heresy group from the church.

Lee Seung-jang, Ahn Byung-ho, Son Seok-tae, and Rev. Chang-shik Chang, who made the UBF out of the UBF in 1978, have gone to study abroad after finishing their theology at home. Twenty-five years later, most of them now play an important role in the core of evangelical student ministry. In addition, prominent theologians of evangelical rights such as Kim Se-yoon and Hwang Seong-ryong, Pastor Seok Kum Ho of Shilter Community, Pastor Park Min-hoon of Kyun-yil and novelist Cho Sung-ki have never forgotten UBF. Unfortunately, they all had to break up with the UBF. What do you think UBF will be about leaving UBF to be able to play its role in Korean churches?

One shepherd who criticized the Eulogy said, “We have already laid down the desire to become worldly famous, and we have already laid it in front of the cross. We will bones our mission to spread the gospel on campus, train our disciples and send missionaries around the world.” It must be talking about the feelings of the majority of the workers who spend their lives in UBF. I have a pure heart that I will live as a nameless person who only tells the gospel without light without name, rather than worldly famous.

Theological education, should not be,

At any rate, the reformers claim that shepherds should receive theological training at regular seminaries. Most of the dropout committee members who had been dismissed from the corporate board went out of seminary after a hard fight. In some cases, I have been dismissed from school at a seminary. But UBF still does not look good at receiving external theological education. Opening theological education is not only unable to keep the UBF route and ministry direction, but it is also possible that each center will become a local church or denomination. Instead, they are trying to maintain the identity of UBF by running its own seminary in the spring of this year.

It is the relationship with churches and institutions that is another reform task to be in harmony with the concern that each center may become a local church or denomination. Because of this, UBF has been a “heretic” in the universal sentiment of Korean churches for many years. UBF has been offering weekly worship services for each center from its earliest days to the present. The same applies to students as well as those who have graduated from college. So there is no link to connect with the church. The existing church, of course, does not hide the negative view of UBF. This missionary Samuel criticized the existing church without a degree. In a realistic sense, his criticism is very valid. However, UBF does not deny the existence of the existing church.

In words, the Mission, actually the Church

However, despite the fact that it is a college student reading ‘Bible Reading’, it is practically a church without being a missionary. Whether the UBF headquarters or the reformist side is very sensitive to the issue of whether UBF will take a clear attitude as a missions agency or will function as a church. One thing in common is that “UBF is not a church but a college student mission organization.” However, in fact, it offers a unique service for Sunday worship and offers contributions to UBF. The reformers also seem to have failed to set a clear stance on this subject.

One prominent feature is that UBF, which has been maintaining a closed structure for decades, has recently established ties with several Korean churches, including Kyung-yil and the College of Education. Of course, there is still anxiety. UBF, a member of UBF, has been tagged two years ago as a member of the UBF, and has been tagged as “spreading worship to local churches within three years”. One of the staff members of the Paddy Council said, “We plan to review the membership after one year, and we hope to be able to worship at local churches as soon as possible.” In other words, if you continue to worship on your own day, your membership may be lost.

In his book, “The Bible Dreams of Korea,” Rev. Lee Seung-jang, a standing representative of the Bhakpyeong Federation, says, “Many of the Korean student missionary organizations have doubts that overseas missions are becoming the main ministry. It is the duty of the Lord and the Church to obey both the believer and the church, but it must distinguish between the work of the local church and the ministry of missionary organizations. Do you think you should do everything? ” Whether the UBF is a church or a mission, it is a matter of internal decision. However, the spirit of beautiful association and solidarity with other organizations must be reinforced.

Another concern, post-graduate bachelorism

Another important issue is the bachelor’s movement. The problem of equally distressing not only UBF, but also any school mission agencies, is an important task for university graduates. The longer the missionary organization is, the greater the number of undergraduates who graduated from college than from college students. Is there a policy for them?

In the case of UBF, there is no room for other ideas or policies to intervene because only one-on-one word training and vision for world mission are the most precious values ​​and presence means. The dedication of giving life to God is a campus ministry or a missionary. One of the UBF’s undergraduates, Park Jong-woon, attended UBF while studying after taking a student movement (more precisely, ‘movement rights’) during his school days. As a student, I had already had a common sense of world view and value, and I had secured the common sense that ‘world mission is not the way to go as a servant of God’. However, it was not so hard to endure UBF’s strong training while studying the reality. A few days ago, he had no choice but to prepare for the Korean convention of Asian and Pacific Christian lawyers. A lawyer with a lawyer, Park, is a gathering of Christian attorneys. If you need legal advice in Christianity, you are supporting me like my work. The bachelors’ movement is a very urgent and important task because it is a very real reality that not all bachelors from missions organizations can do world missions. A senior shepherd from UBF said, “Now, when I leave UBF, I become a socially disposable entity.”

Of course, this is not the only UBF. Pastor Lee said in his book, “Until now, Korean university gospel groups have not paid much attention to the bachelors’ movement.” However, the minister said, “Since 1980, Christian missionary organizations have started to organize Christian society (TCF), etc. in Korea, and there is a possibility that Christian college graduates will be activated after 90 years.” Positively. The bachelor’s movement is now the beginning.

Money does not come in long.

Another important part of the reforms advocated by the reformers is transparent disclosure and enforcement of finance. Reformers insisted that “the mission has never been properly reported in Chicago for 25 years after going to Chicago.” More than 1,500 missionaries are required to pay tithing to the headquarters, whether they are self-reliant or not. “UBF World Headquarters in Chicago, the amount accumulated in the official will be only 6.1 billion won, the disclosure of the state of income expenditure,” he said.

This is not the only financial problem. In the first reform in 1976, the government also demanded transparent operation of finance. At that time, they had problems such as exclusively for relief offerings, undisclosed bookkeeping, and expense for arbitrary expenses. When money matters are mentioned, one of the sensitive issues is legal. One of the members of the Liaison Committee said, “Now is the time to make a declaration of conscience. At a missionary tournament held overseas, a step shepherd gave out a few thousand dollars to go out or give in. Power monopoly, redefinition, or both sides of a coin. In Chicago, there is no such answer that would block the persistent questions of reformists.

Whether the reforms within UBF succeed or whether they are separate and separate, both are faced with a time-shifting demand for ‘paradigm shift’. When responding sensitively to this demand, it will not be the least loser, even if it does not lead the times. One shepherd of UBF said, “When these internal conflicts are reported in the press, I worry that the ministers, especially the lambs who devote their whole lives, will fall out.” At first glance. Of course, right now it will be a shock and a pain, but if we accept it well and advance the consciousness, the democratization of leadership, and the transparency of the policy, the UBF’s own history will record a more beautiful and developed UBF.


“UBF World Headquarters in Chicago, the amount accumulated in the official will be only 6.1 billion won, the disclosure of the state of income expenditure,”

6.1 Billion Won converted into United States Dollars (USD) is approximately $5,762,060. That is the amount of money that was in “Chang- Woo “Samuel” Lee’s personal pocket that has been mainly stored in a bank in Mississippi

Some time around and after his death Sarah Barry and UBF “missionaries” converted huge chunks of that fortune into gold bullion. (bars)

Because they got a cash prize this would explain why many of the UBF chapter directors stayed after Lee’s death.

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