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Korea UBF– The very book UBF “missionaries”don’t want you to read

This book is known as The Forbidden Book by UBF particularly the oldest UBF “missionaries”.

This book was written by Cho Sung-Ki, an ex-member of UBF. In this two volume book he wrote a first-hand account of the first UBF crisis of 1976. [More on 1976 crisis in the future].

Here is the links to the Volumes. [Don’t worry it’s available for both ebook and print]

Here is more background of the author and his book:

[The Night of Yahweh] Cho Sung-ki, who serves the church in Sanur, is more famous as a novelist than a pastor. He was elected to the Dong-A Ilbo New Year Literature in 1971 when he attended Seoul National University Law School and earned the 9th “Today’s Artist Award” in 1985 with his work “Rah Hart Haheleb” (The Fire of Eden). Important Christian works include [Night of the Lord] [Thorn Nest] [Bethesda]. The recent [beyond tithing] has also attracted attention.Another name for Cho Sung-ki is Jo-nu. It is a name that came from being a shepherd after believing in Jesus through the UBF in ’68. He married a UBF missionary to Germany in 1977, and after he left UBF in 1980, he created a best-selling novel called “The Night of Yahweh” in 1986 based on the [19]76 year of UBF.

[The Night of Yahweh], which consists of two volumes, has its own character. If the process from childhood to the meeting of the UBF is contained in one book (beyond the reed sea), Book 2 (Gilgal) shows the events of 76 years vividly. In the year of 1976, Germany was the main base for overseas missions and the so-called ‘dollar box’. Both the headquarters and the reformers have sent all sorts of materials to capture Germany, and the efforts of his wife, who has received all these materials, played a big part.

Mr. Cho said that he tried to avoid either side of the book. So I heard a lot of sadness for both of them. This book has been written as a “forbidden book”. It is said that the reformers have recently been released from the ban. This book will soon be reissued in Hong Sung-sa through Koryo Won and Min-eonsa. “The contract period has expired and I’m going to re-issue it,” he said unexpectedly. He said, “If you listened to what the book was saying then it would not have happened today.”

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