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Korea UBF– UBF virtually split [English Translation]

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

UBF virtually split

On the 5th, the board of directors, 11 members of the reform committee,

Kim Jong Hee reporter | 2000.10.02 18:18:57

▲ At 10 am, the liaison committee members and chaplain hold a press conference at the restaurant on the second floor of the memorial hall for a hundred years. Ⓒ News & Joe

The Korean University Bible Reading Mission (UBF) was virtually divided. UBF Corporation The Board of Directors held an extraordinary board meeting at its headquarters in Jongno on October 5 at 12:00 pm and held a total of 14 members including 11 standing committees of the so-called UBF Reform Action Council, The disciplinary action was taken by members.

The board has excluded them for eight reasons. In April of last year, the UBF Development Council was called for the withdrawal of the World Mission Report Convention, and without the approval of the headquarters, the website was run separately, and there were no defamation reports on the headquarters and the delegates. We will continue to have separate meetings, ignoring the suggestion “Let’s settle in words, prayer, and dialogue.” We will not only act in disregard of the agreement of the six special committee to tackle the situation, It is that the organization has made its own actions. In addition, ‘I wrote an article that justified them to the Christian newspaper’ News & Joe ‘on July 26, 2001, and’ I had a press conference inviting reporters from the Kyonggi Newspaper on October 5, 2001 ‘ Was also included in the reason for disciplinary action.

▲ Reformist shepherds protesting at the front door of UBF building with shutters. Ⓒ News & Joe

Eight of them attended the board meeting and three delegates. Einstein was the only one of the eight directors who was the only remaining member of the deliberative committee to be dismissed. Dr. Hwang Seong-Ryong of Honam University and Dr. Sin Bok Yoon of Joint Theological Graduate University were not present, but Dr. Now, when Einstein said, “When you receive it as a member, it was done by the general assembly, but when it is expelled, it is wrong to do it at the board of directors.” However, it was accepted as a reference remarks. As a result, the proposal 8 (including one delegate), the opposition 2 (including one delegate), the abstention 1, and the expulsion was decided. (The names of those who were expelled on this day are as follows: Kwang Kwang-ok bin Jinhwa Deokdo Kim Jong-il Hong Deun Song Deung Ryong Woo Nam Sik Park Gwang-joon Hesemin Min Park Sung-hwan Kim Ha-

▲ UBF Shepherd praying with sadness. Ⓒ News & Joe

The secretary of the headquarters opened a press conference shortly after the board meeting and said, “I have been suffering with this problem for a year and a half. I tried my best to solve it without pain, if possible. . “We have been trying to implement the demands of the reformers one by one,” he added. “However, apart from the meeting, I made a separate teaching material and did not send tithing to the headquarters. He also explained, “The corporate board has been punished by legitimate procedures.”

A total of 14 members, including eleven standing committees of the so-called UBF Reform Action Council, are demanding the reform of UBF, and they are being informed of the discipline of dismissing members of the General Assembly. Ⓒ News & Joe

On the other hand, about 20 lovers and young longevity committee members gathered at the memorial hall at 10 am-100am and held a press conference. They provided a press release on the Declaration of Reform, the New Testament, the Declaration of the 40th Anniversary of the Mission, and the Confessions. However, emergency meeting was held following the explanation of the pastor of Isaiac, who was the head of the Liaison Council, that final negotiations between the reformers and the headquarters are under way. However, there has been news that the negotiations will soon be broken and a board meeting will be held soon. Approximately 30 young shepherds ran to the firm UBF headquarters and rallied. They shouted the slogan ‘Stop the illegal board of directors’, ‘Stop the illegal board,’ and say ‘I can not tolerate the illegal board,’ and pray loudly and sing chantfully. They even tried to cheat, but they went over to the leadership.

The headquarters has been punished based on the Articles of Incorporation without procedural flaws, but the reformers will legally consider the problems of the Articles of Incorporation, which are the grounds for disciplinary action. In addition, since they have already sent proof of the contents demanding the holding of the extraordinary general meeting on the 4th, they are confident that their membership qualifications remain unchanged until the extraordinary general meeting.

A corporate auditor who is looking for a reformist party to protest is doing well with the shepherds. Ⓒ News & Joe

However, the UBF was “virtually” separated. Now it is time to accept separation as a reality and to solve the problem in the direction of minimizing the hurt of both sides as much as possible. However, young shepherds on the reform side can not accept this reality. It is a place where I devote myself to my life as a young man and I have a feeling that I can not tear it apart. The bigger problem is that of UBF missionaries working in various parts of the world. Domestic staffs do not fall into serious situations whether they choose headquarters, reformers, or the third way. However, local missionaries are in such a situation that they can not even do this. The UBF headquarters and the reform team will continue to monitor how the solution of all these problems will be solved in the future.

▲ After the board meeting, the headquarters explains the situation to reporters. Ⓒ News & Joe

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