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Korea UBF– What ever happened to the 1976 reformers?

Here is what actually happened to the 1976 UBF reformers. Before proceeding check out the 1976 letter.

A small but imposing pace of the Christian University Council (ESF) [Evangelical Student Fellowship]

Compared to the scale of human and material scale,Kim Jong Hee reporter | 2000.10.04 18:18:57

📷The ESF was created by the first reformers of the UBF in 1976. Let’s take a look at the direction and contents of the UBF reform through these 25 years of action.

The first reform movement in UBF took place in 1976 by Son Seok-tae, Ahn Byung-ho, Lee Seung-jang, and Chang-shik Chang. After this incident, as Missionary Samuel [Lee] left to the United States, things like impersonal training gradually disappeared. But these four people had to leave the UBF.

The ESF is a Christian missionary organization that they created in 1977. Pastor Lee said, “At first, the ESF did not deviate much from the UBF style. The biggest challenge at the time was “our own reform. ” He said, “I learn while swearing,” but I asked for reform, but the bitter roots that remained inside me popped out without even knowing.

📷▲ Pastor Lee said, “At first, ESF did not deviate much from UBF style. The biggest challenge at the time was” our own reform. “

Those who have gone through a thorough self-reflection and a tunnel of repentance have begun to build models of new communities. UBF’s superior merit, as well as the themes of the reforms, were implemented one by one. The most urgent task was to study theology properly. I had to study the ecclesiology and the spiritual theory as well as overcoming the fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible. So they all returned home after studying theology after finishing their studies in Korea. I also encouraged my younger students to study theology. Now the ESF has a systematic guarantee that those who have been working for six years will be sent to a seminary or overseas seminary.

The second sent all the bachelors and students to the local church without worshiping on their own. It is to make the identity clear as a pure mission organization. The early members of the ESF are ministering to local churches and serving as a support group to ensure that ESF maintains a healthy identity as a school mission organization. So, the problem of leadership is solved naturally. It is institutionally impossible for a person to have long-term power or to monopolize power. The ESF has a steering committee and a responsible society under the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, and the following two institutions are responsible for policies and practices, and the above two agencies are responsible for ratification and checking.

📷▲ ESF stands out in the middle of Korean churches and school mission organizations without showing any sadness to anyone.

It is also active in the bachelor’s movement, one of the reform tasks. Graduates from colleges and universities are engaged in a variety of activities by job category or area of ​​interest. It is the most prominent place that Bachelor’s Degrees in Special Education have been working at Bethany School in Seoul, Jeonju and Cheongju. In addition to the Bible Education Society, which is a group of teachers, and the Medical Mission Society, which is a group of bachelor’s college graduates, there are small groups for each area of ​​interest. In addition, the Association of Evangelical School Mission Organizations, the Association for the Evangelization of the Academy, and the Missionary Korea have been actively participating since the founding, and have been working together with the ‘Kyunsoil’ and ‘North-South Sharing Movement’. It is implementing the reform task of ‘opening and cooperation’.

Compared to places such as UBF and CCC, the numbers are not compared. The small headquarters building in Kuro-dong has only recently been purchased, and the finances are also inferior. Nonetheless, the ESF stands out in the midst of Korean churches and school mission agencies without showing up to anyone. That is why UBF reformers often meet with the ESF and are concerned about their future direction.

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