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On/Off UBF members

This is a topic that hasn't been discussed to my knowledge.

On/off members are those who joined UBF stay for awhile then leave then later on join UBF again. They do this several times hence the phrase on/off like a switch.

UBF "missionaries" don't like them. The only reason why they put up with on/off members is to look good on paper (mission reports).

How on/off members came to be? UBF is like a drug and when in use for too long it becomes an addiction. So in order to sever from the UBF addiction or any addiction for that matter one has to do two things:

1. Completely cut off from that toxicity that cause the addiction both literally and figuratively.

2. Substitute the addiction with a healthy & productive alternative

The problem is when members leave they do number 1 but not number 2. Number 2 is just as important as number 1. Otherwise the exodus from UBF doesn't happen hence why they become on/off members.

Leaving UBF for good is NOT impossible. It is difficult however there are those outside of UBF who are willing to listen and work with you.

Here is a video about getting rid of adultery addiction. Even though it's about adultery what he says applies to UBF addiction as well:

Here is a list of healthy church suggestions:

Here are references to professional help:

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