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UBF's anti-identity snatchers

As a quick recap Identity Snatchers is Brian Karcher's anti-UBF book that is done well as documenting the UBF organization as a whole. You can get it here for free

So what was UBF's comeback to this? Their pro-UBF book that would be the opposite of Identity Snatchers. It is called The Spirit Moves West: Korean Missionaries in America. It was published in 2015 (the same year that Karcher's Identity Snatchers was published). The author is Rebecca Y. Kim, a UBF 2nd gen, whom is the daughter of Isaac H. Kim the original UBF chapter director (lead "missionary") of Downey UBF.

Sidenote: Rebecca is a sociology professor at Pepperdine University:

Here's what the book looks like:

Here's my quick review of the book:

It's biased with UBF propaganda. 97% of the book is composed of interviews with pro-UBF (current members) particularly UBF "missionaries" in Downey UBF and Chicago UBF. The other 3% of the book is on intel that is either outdated or inaccurate. I will do a long in-depth review of the book this upcoming week.

Here is a video of Rebecca Kim when she gave a lecture on this book. Warning the video below will make you shocked, cringe, anxious, or even disturbed.

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